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Microwave FC-MW131

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Microwave oven

The Microwave FC-MW131


The microwave FC-MW131 uses multi-function technology digital technique to create strong microwave when cooking, however, it still remains molecule structure or generation which does not cause the radiation contamination of food. The product not only helps to prepare delicious and nutritious food but also makes the cooking become faster and easier.  Outstanding features: Cook, convection bake, thaw, safety for children. The device has the overheat protection, sensor malfunction protection, cooling feature, and bake on heat-bar to make food more crispy.  The capacity: 230 ~ 240V/50Hz, 1400W (microwave) 1250W (Bake) 2200W (Convection) Voltage: 220 – 240V Frequency: 50Hz The cover size: 300H x 539W x 446D (mm) Displacement size: 240H x 354W x 358D (mm)

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