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The Cooker Hood FC-CH147es has a unique and chic design embedded with many remarkable functions that always meet  all the needs of the customer. This product helps the kitchen to be clean and comfortable because it is equipped with engine systems that has high suction capacity without creating noise. It also has centrifugal fans combined with an aluminum filter.  Thanks to the compact machine body size, users can wipe, clean, and install this product easily. THE OUTSTANDING FEATURES: – The Cooker Hood FC-CH147es has the modern beveled glass design, chic black steel armor, heat resistant tempered glass in order to be suitable for all kitchen space.  – The smart and luxurious design  of the touch-screen control panel gives a visualized display and allows easy operation. – The effective 3-stage strainer made of aluminum has high endurance and is convenient for cleaning.  – Low-noise and quiet operation.

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