Article 1. General principles

– E-commerce website  operated and operated by COOKMIX CO., LTD (“the Company”).

Target audience is all customers in 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam.

– Products and services traded at   “FRICO” must fully meet the provisions of the law.

– Trading activities at   FRICO must be done openly and transparently, ensuring the interests of consumers.

This software and its accessories are protected by the Consumer Protection Law, the Copyright Law of Vietnam, the Commercial Law, and other intellectual property agreements and laws, and these rights are owned directly by the Company. continued by the Company.

Article 2. General provisions

1. Name of E-commerce Website:

E-commerce website developed by COOKMIX CO.,LTD with the name “FRICO”.

2. General definition:

The seller is COOKMIX CO., LTD

Buyers are individuals, units or organizations across 63 provinces.

Buyers have the right to register an account or do not need to register to make transactions.Members include both the buyer and the person who consults the information at the Website.

Customer support service is a program update service, telephone consultation and free upgrade service during the service period.

The content of this Regulation complies with the current regulations of Vietnam. When participating in the “FRICO” e-commerce website, members must find out for themselves their legal responsibilities towards the current laws of Vietnam and commit to comply with the contents of this Regulation.

Article 3. General trading conditions

Limited service provision:

Frico’s service provision is done anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. Frico will respond to requests for service provision during working time. Online ordering process for service users at E-commerce Website “FRICO”:

Step 1: Go to “Place Order”. Select the product you want to buy.

Step 2: You fill in the purchase information in the form: (Information, Delivery method, Payment method) If you need to issue a VAT invoice, please fill in the correct information. in the Notes section).

Step 3: Customers check and review order details.

Step 4: Customers express their consent to continue the transaction by selecting “Agree” to Frico’s general policies and terms of use before officially sending a purchase request to Frico.

Step 5: After receiving the order from the buyer, FRICO will contact the customer via the phone number provided by the customer to verify the order information.

Step 6: FRICO will send order confirmation and customers can track the order route through Frico website.

Article 4. Responsibilities in case of technical errors

1. E-commerce website FRICO is committed to making efforts to ensure the safety and stability of the entire technical system.

However, in the event of an incident due to the fault of FRICO, we will immediately apply measures to ensure the interests of the buyer.

2. When performing transactions on the Application, members are required to strictly follow the guiding procedures.

3. FRICO E-commerce Website Management Board is committed to providing the best quality of service to members participating in transactions.

In case there is a technical error, software error or other objective errors leading to the member being unable to participate in the transaction, the member shall notify the Website Management Board via phone support hotline 028.6290.5950 / 0904.510 .916, we will fix the error within 72 hours after receiving the notice to facilitate members joining the FRICO e-commerce website

However, the Management Board of FRICO E-commerce Website will not be responsible for handling in case the members’ notices do not reach the Management Board, arising from technical errors, transmission errors, software or other errors. other errors not caused by the Management Board.

Article 5: Process of receiving & settling complaints General principle- Customers using Frico’s products and services are guaranteed their legal rights and interests as prescribed by law.- All inquiries and complaints of Customers related to service quality are received and resolved quickly, in the spirit of market demand and goodwill. Maximum processing time within 20 working days.

Statute of limitations for complaints and lawsuits:- No more than 90 days for service/product quality issues.- Not more than 30 days for business issues
The receipt and resolution of customer complaints are recorded and answered in writing. Comply with current laws.

Order and procedures for settlement

Step 1: Receiving feedback, complaints When having questions, or complaints about service quality, customers contact Frico through the following forms:

– Call to 028.6290.5950 / 0904.510,916

– Send email to:

– Send the application/complaint by post: 63 Mai Thi Luu, Da Kao, District 1, HCMC